Established in 1970s, New Fei Optical’s mission is to provide every customer with high quality, stylish eyewear products and premium service.

New Fei originally founded as an leading optical lens wholesaler. We own our workshop to ensure the premium quality from manufacturing process to retail experience. In late 1990s, New Fei Optical has introduced the concept of “pay as you wear” one-stop service to the market. It takes only two hours to get your new customised eyewear: from eye exam, choosing eyewear frames, suitable lens and pick-up the glasses. New Fei’s customers are the first to experience instant pleasure of precise vision.



As a traditional eyewear company with sharp vision, we are always innovative and responsive to our customers needs. We are constantly upgrading our eye-exam devices and equipments, eyewear frames, lens, for the diverse tastes and needs of our valued customers. New Fei Optical offers a variety of choices, efficient service with reasonable pricing level.



Over decades, New Fei’s customers are spread all over the world, from generation to generation. Our customer base has exceed over 300,000 people from Europe, America, Asia etc. We are determined to provide genuine, warm-hearted and excellent service, as always.