Returning Items

You may return your item within 7 days, starting from the date you received your order. Before returning any item, please contact us as specified in the return procedure below.

We apologize we DO NOT accept returns in the following circumstances:

• - Any product that is returned more than 7 days after delivery date.

• - Any product that has been opened or used (taken out of its plastic wrap or box).

• - Any product that is not in its original condition and packaging, if it is damaged or missing in any parts.

• - Any discount, clearance or sales product that had already stated non-returnable.

• - Any free gift product and samples.

• - In the event of dispute, New Fei Optical (HK) Limited had the right to make final and conclusive decision.

Return Policy

Please note that before providing any replacement, we will first verify the condition of the returned product. In case we receive any non-returnable item, original shipping and handling fees will not be refunded.

Please ensure that the product is returned with our return acceptance email enclosed. Customers are kindly asked to provide a shipment tracking number for parcels with returning items. We do not accept liability for any product that is damaged in transit during the return process. The security of the packaging and shipping method for returning times is full in charge of customers.

Return Procedure

You may send your returning product just following the steps below:

1. Contact us at, stating clearly your order number, the returned product and the reason of your return.

2. To process your request, pack the returned product along with the printed copy of our acknowledgement email securely in a box.

3. Send your returning items to: New Fei Optical HK Limited, Flat C, 12/F, Lucky Horse Building, 64 Tong Mi Road, Tai Kok Tsui

4. All return shipping fees must be paid by customers in advance. We do not accept “Freight Collect”. In case the returned product will be discovered defective after our inspection, it will be replaced with an exact one and the return shipping fees will be refunded.

Undeliverable Orders

Occasionally orders are returned as undeliverable, because of incorrect or inaccurate address, or refused by recipient. If the delivery agent returns us an undeliverable package, the customer will be charged for the arrangement of a second shipment.

退換貨條款 (Chinese Only)



  • 任何產品,收貨後超過7天的;
  • 已開封或被使用過(拆開包裝護膜或包裝盒)的任何產品
  • 任何產品,不是在其原始狀態和包裝,如有破損或缺少零件的。
  • 任何已經申明不可退貨的打折,清倉或促銷的產品,
  • 任何免費贈品及試用裝。
  • 在發生爭議時,新輝眼鏡(香港)有限公司有最終決定權。






(1) 發郵件到 聯繫我們 ,清楚說明您的訂單號碼,退回產品和退貨原因。

(2) 為處理您的請求, 請將我們確認的郵件打印出來附在退貨產品一起。

(3) 貨退至: 新輝眼鏡(香港)有限公司, 香港大角咀弼街1號龍區企業大廈12樓A。

(4) 所有退貨運輸費用必須由客戶預先支付。我們不接受“運費到付”, 如果返回的產品在我們檢查後發現為原有之缺陷,我們將為之替換良品,退貨運費將退返。